Twingly Recon

If you see one of the following user agents in your web server logs, it means Twingly has visited your website. You can read more about our services on

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Twingly Recon;


Twingly Recon-<subsystem>/1.0 (+

<subsystem> may vary depending upon which crawler that visited your website.

Restrict crawling using robots.txt

According to the Robots exclusion standard, you can inform Twingly’s crawler to not process your site by adding a robots.txt.


# This will restrict access to /private/
User-agent: Twingly Recon
Disallow: /private/

Restrict indexing using noindex directives

You can ensure that your site is not indexed by Twingly by changing your feed in any of the following three ways:

We may still visit your feed from time to time, but nothing will be indexed as long as any of the directives are kept.