Twingly Ranking


Twingly has several ranking values, all being presented here.

Authority and BlogRank

Authority and BlogRank are values present in the result sets from Search API and LiveFeed API.


Authority is based on the total amount of incoming links to the blog from other blogs in our index, the value is not time-bound and can only increase in value.

Note: Links are counted at index time, the link destination must exist in our index to be counted.


The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is 10.

The BlogRank value is based on the blog’s authority value and is language dependant. This means that the same authority value will likely yield different BlogRank values when comparing blogs from two different languages.

The blog with the highest authority, within a given language, is known as the top authority blog. This particular blog always have BlogRank 10. To calculate the BlogRank value for a given blog we use the blog’s authority and the top authority as input parameters to a distribution function and the output of the function is the BlogRank value. The function is non-linear, meaning that a blog needs a relatively high authority to get to BlogRank 10, but a relatively low authority is needed to get to BlogRank 2.


TwinglyRank is a sorting algorithm usable in the Search API.

TwinglyRank takes several things into account when deciding upon a sort order including the text relevance, the age of the post, the amount of inlinks to the post and the amount of inlinks to the blog.

Search API’s default sort order is by publication date, but it is possible to sort by TwinglyRank by adding sort:twinglyrank to the query.

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