Conference year summary

This year, we planned conference visits around the big project of this year: moving Twingly servers to a different data center. This meant FOSDEM early this year as previously written about, Brighton Ruby at the start of summer and GOTO Copenhagen late November this year.

Brighton Ruby being a single track conference meant we got to enjoy all the talks. One of my favorites was A Branch in Time by Tekin Süleyman. Very pedagogical, he highlighted the importance of version control history containing information about why a change was made, not merely a record that it was made.

Brighton Ruby only lasted for one (pretty intense) day, but that day being a Friday, meant staying spending the weekend in Brighton was an obvious choice. I can recommend both the conference and spending time in Brighton.

At GOTO Copenhagen, my favorite was Wetware Intelligence by Osh Agabi, founder of Koniku, a neuroscience company. They are building devices out of biological neurons that can detect explosives.

Comparison: transistor, synapse, neuron Road Map - The Koniku agenda

The conference in Copenhagen lasted three days, Monday through Wednesday, but I only attended the second day. It was clear that the organizers have been doing GOTO for a while, as the conference was well-run. It was a multi-track conference and I had to make some hard choices. Here are the other talks I listened to: