Two weeks ago, me, Johan, and Robin attended FOSDEM again. As last time, the conference was pretty busy, but filled with lots of interesting presentations.

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MySQL 5.5 -> 5.6 upgrade

During the summer months (of 2016) we upgraded our main databases from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6. We’d like to share our learnings.

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For the last weekend of January, I traveled with my colleague Johan to Brussels to attend the two-day open source event FOSDEM 2016. This was our second time going to the conference, as we also visited it last year. I thought I should share notes from some of the talks I listened to, so here we go.

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Wordpress announced in their blog post “Reset the Net” that they would move * to HTTPS-only by the end of 2014. We’ve seen the move to HTTPS in our blog index and by the looks of it, it’s now completed. Applaus to Wordpress!

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ZFS & MySQL + dirty pages flush

Starting Thursday 28 February 2013 to March 6 2013 we had performance issues with our master databases. These problems caused data delivery delays for some of our API:s. During the delivery outage we updated our blog, but didn’t go into specifics about the errors. In this post we will try to give a more detailed description and what we’ve done to avoid similar failures in the future.

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