Data center migration plan

Information about an upcoming data center migration.


Migration plan

Twingly will be moving servers from one data center (LKP) to a new data center (STH). This data center is mainly used for our blog data services.

As we have enough servers to keep the services running at full capacity during the migration, we don’t expect any extended period of downtime. Even though our systems will work at full speed, the risk of outages is increased during this period.

When we make the logical switch from the old data center to the new data center, there will be a short amount of planned downtime. This will be announced in advance through

Affected services:

We are doing the migration in three steps.

  1. Setup network environment at new data center
    • New network equipment is purchased and installed
    • This step has already been completed
  2. Physically move about half of the servers
    • Once online in STH, the servers will replicate data from LKP
    • Wait for the data to be in sync
    • Make STH the primary data center by updating DNS records (
    • Verify that everything is working as intended
    • Servers in LKP are powered down
  3. Move the rest of the servers, done!

Update 2018-11-08: Data center migration complete