New API versions released: Blog Search API v3 and Blog LiveFeed API v5

We have released new versions of our Blog APIs. Let me introduce:

Common improvements

Although both Search and LiveFeed have always delivered the same blog posts, either by exposing a search index or a “firehose”, there have been slight differences between the data. With these new versions we have tried to make the APIs more similar and easier to use.

LiveFeed API v5 is now a plain HTTP GET API, just like Search API. No more SOAP.

The post element now includes the same tags for both APIs. It also contains more information about the blog post, than the previous API versions. The new fields added to post are:

We have prepared fields for future data, these are currently not populated but it will be possible to start delivering this data in the future without breaking any implementations:

Blog LiveFeed API

In addition to the common improvements, the following is now true for LiveFeed API:

Blog Search API

Besides the new data that Search API is now delivering, we’ve also made the following improvements.

The .NET client hasn’t yet been updated. If you have the need for a .NET client, don’t hesitate to write about it in the issue. We also gladly accept pull requests.

Update 2017-10-26: The .NET client has now been updated to support v3 too.


For each API, we have documented the changes from the previous version, and listed the steps required to move to the new version. Please check it out:

These new versions are available for all existing, and new, customers. Please upgrade to take advantage of all the improvements. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!